Arts from India

We as a group feel it is important to bring traditional Indian art, in it's purest, most classical form, right to our doorstep in the States. We would like to share with you true, untainted culture and artistry... Come join us!

Ajayveer Chapotkat

Ajayveer Chapotkat is a performing and visual arts enthusiast who from an early age and with the influence of his family, has always had an appreciation and love of arts and culture rooted in his Indian heritage. In his youth, a significant amount of time was spent on musical trainings. Most notably, he spent 6 years being trained in the classical style of singing by teacher whom would visit his home daily. In Ajayveer’s native Mansa, India , many renowned artists have performed at his family home during his earlier years. At the age of 8, Ajayveer began his studies to obtain a Sangeet Visharad (Bachelor of Music , completing his studies by the age of 15. This love of culture ultimately lead Ajayveer to serve in the community of Rockland County. He has served twice as president of the India Cultural Society of Rockland ; additionally serving on the board over the last 15 years. During this time, he facilitated a number of large scale culturally rich events within Rockland County which include the India Day Parade and most notably the India Day Festival; bringing together the county’s residents from a diverse plethora of cultural, political and ethnic backgrounds. It was through these endeavors that lead him to conceptualize , develop and ultimately launch Arts From India in October of 2018. For Ajayveer, Arts From India prioritizes and highlights authentic and traditional arts and artists from India that patrons may enjoy and become enriched by.

In addition to his artistic and cultural contributions , Ajayveer has served his community at large, serving as an event judge and referee at high school soccer and track & amp; field events. He has also officiated at the Para Olympics and Warrior Games, in which men and women who have been wounded or are amputees as a result of their military service compete in various sporting events.

Ajayveer has also volunteered his time in the educational field , as he has been active in educational initiatives in Rockland County through coordination of exchange programs for both local students, as well as those from India. Additionally, Ajayveer has also acted as a member of the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation for the past fifteen years. Through this program, he has helped with fundraisers and donor facilitation to assist with the efforts to dissipate illiteracy in rural India.

Ajayveer has an academic background in physics, chemistry and environmental science. He has worked in Rockland County for the past 30 years within the pollution control field, monitoring levels of waste in water supplies as well as reporting on environmental violations. In his

professional role, he has also taken the time to volunteer as a cultural diversity trainer in 2000.

Ajayveer is a longtime resident of Rockland County.